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Exit 22 Music

Chris Calamera - Producer / Writer / Guitars / Programming

 Exit 22 - Chris CalameraOne would have never imagined that such a quiet youth would turn into a guitarist and songwriter that can both lyrically and musically encapsulate a listener. With writing credits to songs such as "Day’s End"  and "Follow Me Up", Chris has found a way to combine both brilliant instrumentation and production with universal lyrical content to create music that is deep, emotional and entirely worldly.
With twenty years of diverse musical experiences under his belt (including several years of Jazz training), Chris began to write and record tracks during his freshman year of college, unbeknownst as to the events that would ultimately lead him to paint extraordinarily vivid musical images of life’s experiences. His attempt to create a musical vision of passion, pain, and hope through tracks such as "If You Call", "Happy Without You" and "Change My Mind" have been successful, as listeners have zoned in on the messages portrayed through the song and have found relation to their own lives.

"One of the main things I have always encountered with music is how the lyrics and the music need to connect to one another so perfectly that the song becomes universal. I think we did just that with "Happy Without You", Chris related in his recent "60 Minutes With Exit 22" interview.

Chris was the primary producer of the album, and his overall musical vision and understanding of the "song" have helped take Exit 22’s music to  new levels, providing the groundwork for what hopes to be a successful songwriting career.

Georgia English - Vocals/Lyrics: "Dangerously Sweet"

 Exit 22 - Chris CalameraGeorgia English is a young songwriter and singer, organically farmed in the crooked and hilly city of San Francisco, California.

In 2011, she moved to Boston to pursue a music degree at the Berklee School of Music.

She blends the legacies of pop, soul, folk, and jazz, and uses them to explore everyday themes. On April 15th 2012, she released her new all-original album titled “In The Fog,” which features songs such as “Salvation” and “Learn To Be My Fool.” Later that year, in July 2012, she had the humbling experience of singing on Gaucho‘s album “Part-Time Sweetheart.”

These days she is living a bi-coastal existence, exploring and loving music scenes on the Eastern and Western corners of the continent.

Brent Swarthout - Lyricist - "Double Life" and "Love Is A Tourniquet"

 Exit 22 - Brent Swarthout

Brent Swarthout is a lyric writer based in Chantilly, VA outside of Washington DC.


Collaborations include “Extended Horizon” by Swedish band Neodrone released in 2007, including tracks “Extended Horizon”,Chasing Shadows”, “Used To Be”, and “What They Want”. Further Neodrone collaboration included title track for follow up effort “Out Of the Blue” in 2010.


In 2010 he wrote lyrics for “The Weaker Sex”, “Still In Love With Me” and “Take a Chance” for Zamza’s “Songs For Jukebox” album.


In 2012 Scottish band Emporium released “The Afterlife”, including title track lyrics and “Beautiful Insanity” lyrics written by Swarthout.


Brent Swarthout was the lead lyricist on Exit 22 Music's "Double Life" and "Love Is A Tourniquet", along with being an additional writer on upcoming releases in 2017.


Timothy "TDC" Coleman - Lyricist - "Double Life"

 Exit 22 - Chris CalameraTimothy ‘TDC’ Coleman was born in Dayton, Oh, and raised in Lincoln, Ne. He attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City. 


TDC performed in ‘5 Guys Named Moe’ at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival; in the operetta, ‘The Most Happy Fella’ at the St. Louis Rep & the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park; as well as performing the role of tap-dancing ‘No Moe’ in the TheatreViginia’s production of ‘5 Guys Named Moe’. 


TDC performed in the First National Tour of the Tony Award Winning Musical 'RENT,' and also in the Broadway production as the character of Benny. He then joined the cast of the Broadway Smash Hit musical, 'Jekyll and Hyde' in the role of Jack. 


In 2001, TDC's song, "Stop by Monies" was on the Grammy Nominated Album, 'Here's the Deal' by Jazz/Funk band, Liquid Soul. The song was performed live on 'The Today Show' as the group toured the country in support of the album.

Lizzy Vance - Vocalist - "Love Is A Tourniquet (DJ Calz / Afterlife Mix)"

 Exit 22 - Chris Calamera

Lizzy Vance is a vocalist from Easton, CT who actively participates in local bands and choirs as a high soprano voice. 


This is her first venture into the world of recording and dominated the vocal part on "Love Is A Tourniquet (DJ Calz / Afterlife Mix)


Lizzy Vance also has several vocal parts on the upcoming release of Exit 22 Music's "Kyrie Elision" mix of their classic "Day's End".


Maggie Salamone - Vocals / Keyboards - "If You Call" Album

 Exit 22 - Chris CalameraWith the eyes of a clear blue sky and the voice of an angel, Maggie Salamone is an individual who can reach every listener in the room on a personal level. Maggie's extraordinary talents come from countless years of experience, and a gift that she was blessed with long ago. These elements, combined with her off-beat dress code and quirky sense of humor create an image that has Exit 22 Music written all over it.

Her lyrical content is that of a more mature subject than most pop/rock acts, with writing credits that include "Naked (With a Memory)", a true-to-life story involving a dead-end relationship that lingered for too long. Also included in her credits are "If You Call", "Flame" and "Stop", a story about seeing yourself for who you really are and realizing that it's nothing like you could ever imagine…

As a pop vocal teacher herself, Maggie Salamone is capable of turning a song inside out and creating a completely new image. With a long-standing history singing jazz, rock, and gospel combined wither 4 years of training as a classical performance major, she has created a firm base in all colors of music. Maggie was a main piece of the production puzzle for the record, providing piano and string parts to selected tracks and orchestrating the track “Suicide” to create a perfect image for the intimate storyline.

"I'm never as happy as I am when I'm singing," Maggie Salamone tells us in her recent "60 Minutes With Exit 22" interview. "It combines everything I am with everything I have ever wanted to be…"